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Corporate Profile


One Step Inc is a government-authorized and licensed social insurance, labor and administrative scrivener office, located in Wakayama City, Japan.  We have over 30 staff members, and are serving more than 170 clients, mainly in the Kansai region of Japan.
Our office is a one-step place where clients can feel comfortable to consult issues related to organization’s employee social insurance, benefit claims, payroll outsourcing, personnel management, government subsidies & incentive schemes, regulatory filings, obtaining government permits, advisory on labor conflict mediation and other management matters.

1.We Want to Be Counted on:
We value customer trust and satisfaction. We will do our best to help and support our clients with quality of work, prompt delivery time, and cost savings.

2.Feel Comfortable to Consult:
Feel free and feel comfortable to consult with us. This is the most important and the first step of building trust as we thrive to be the best business partner.

3.Cost Savings and Reduction:
In order to meet regulatory compliances and timely filings with the labor supervisory authority, it is time consuming. Our professional services help to save time and cost so that our clients, therefore, can allocate corporate resources to new opportunities and more efficient management.

4.Quick Problem Solving and Prevention
We will help make legal and management decisions in line with regulations: preventing legal violations, labor-management troubles, and dealing with problem employees. We will work to resolve problems promptly. In addition, we guide our clients with sound advice so that labor problems can be prevented beforehand.

We hope to achieve lasting growth in the future. In addition, we provide a one-stop service through business alliances with related professional offices, and we look forward to your continued support.

One Step Inc. CEO
Yoshiaki Senda

About One Step Inc.

Name of Company One Step Inc. –
One Step Consulting Office
Address 4 Nishihatago-machi, Wakayama City, Wakayama Pref., Japan 640-8021
Tel/Email TEL:073(488)4277 FAX:073(488)4278
E-mail: URL:
CEO Yoshiaki Senda
CEO & Corporate Profile Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University, BBA
Worked at Kiyo Bank
Founded One Step Corporation
(Labor & Social Security legal officer:Registration No. 30040011)
(Administrative Scrivener:Registration No. 04291791)
Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare – Designated Counselor on Labor Issues
Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare-Designated Advisor on Work-Life Balance
Founded One Step Consulting Office
Labor Insurance Office Union “Wakayama Prefecture Management Study Group on Labor”. Approved by Approval
Hobby Driving and experiencing different cuisines


1. Salary calculation, payroll management & outsourcing
2. Preparation of documents and filing of labor insurance, compliance services with social insurance laws and regulations
3. Formulation/revision of staff rules & other internal regulations
4. Proposal / application of various government schemes & subsidies
5. Consulting – personnel & labor management based on an advisory contract
6. Incorporation related document preparation and filing
7. Preparation of documents filing of construction licenses and permits
8. Business related to application for special enrollment and permits
社会保険労務士法人ワンステップ 代表社員 社会保険労務士 千田佳昭
保有資格社会保険労務士 行政書士
専門分野助成金申請サポート 人事労務サポート
一言当法人は2005年に創業し、その後2019年に社会保険労務士法人ワンステップへと法人化しました。創業から15年を超えても一貫して「人事労務の手続きサポート・助成金の積極提案」を主軸に取り組んできました。 人事労務のサポートを通じてより良い企業づくりと、それを通じた地域の発展を支援することが当法人の役割です。お客様のため、地域のために何ができるか日々研究し、実践しています。 お困り事があれば、まずはお電話やメール等でお気軽にお問い合わせください。



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